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Maternity Session


Pregnancy is an intense and memorable experience. Keep beautiful visual memories of this extraordinary time in your life at which you feel most alive and empowered. The ideal time for your pregnancy session is at 30 to 35 weeks, when your tummy is round and lovely, but not too close to your due date so that you can still move freely. Please allow plenty of time for your booking.


The maternity shoot will last 1 to 2 hours depending on whether partners and siblings take part. Choose up to 3 different outfits to wear. Wear tight, strechty garments that emphasise the roundness of your tummy, or flowing see-through fabrics that show your belly through transparency and openings. If family members are involved, wear coordinated or complementary clothes that won't distract from the main subject - your baby bump.



Our session is all about you feeling relaxed and glowing with a new life growing inside your tummy. If you feel a little anxious at any time, close your eyes, put your hands on your belly and breathe.  Feel your baby, think about your baby, connect with your baby. Before you know it, you will feel that warm love and you will relax and smile.


For intimate nude or semi-nude maternity photography, make sure to wear loose clothing prior to the shoot as undergarments leave unsightly body marks that take about two hours to disappear.


Sessions can happen in a natural environment (park, beach) or at your home as long as you have rooms with plenty of natural light.

Book a combo newborn and maternity session and receive a session fee discount of $100. 

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