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About me


I am a Brisbane photographer doing a mix of family and business photography. I travelled the world working for an international corporation before settling down in Brisbane, having 3 beautiful children, and following my passion of photography.


Passionate about photography since the early eighties, I have being selling stock images since 2009, gradually honing my skills in photography, editing and design. All my images are carefully selected and edited by hand.


I love to photograph outdoors or on site where backgrounds deliver a unique atmosphere, where I can play with light and where my clients can move freely.


My small home studio, based in Kalinga, is ideal for individual head shots. 


About my photography


Authentic, natural and fresh, these are the words that best describe my photographic style.


I love diversity and I find that it is what always keeps me on my toes and feeds my creativity. Each family, each person, each business is unique and I always try to capture them with true authenticity. To me, photography is about light, beauty and emotion, and that applies to portraits as well as to commercial images.


I strive to tell stories and convey emotions through my photos. For 10 years I proudly designed and produced the school calendar for the Eagle Junction Primary State School, in Brisbane, covering and documenting most of the school's major events. I also entirely produced three yearbooks for EJSS, allowing me to develop a great experience in event photography.  


I love to do occupational business shots and corporate portraitsAlthough I am not a graphic designer, my in depth knowledge of InDesign is always a strong asset when working with my business clients. Having previously been a top executive in an international corporation, I am also very well prepared to discuss your marketing constraints.  


Rozenn's work is of superior quality in both her process and the finished product. 

In a few words I would describe Rozenn as a highly skilled professional photographer with the ability to understand and interpret needs on an individual basis. When working with her, Rozenn was truly able to capture on lens the essence of who I was and the resulting photos were simply outstanding. 

Rozenn is dedicated, passionate, thorough, generous in her approach, and the quality of her work is consistent. 

I look forward to working with her again in the near future.


Fiona Jeanne Grisard

Stylist and Image Consultant

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