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"Rozenn is a lovely lady. I am not used to being photographed and Rozenn made me feel relaxed."  Dorothy Farrow




Family session


Clothing is a very important component to a successful portrait so keep it simple! Avoid large logos, busy patterns and prints as these can be distracting in photographs.


For family portraits, wear colours and accessories that coordinate well or complement each other. Less is best for babies and newborns. For newborn portraits I can put various beanies and props at your disposal.


Our session will last about 2 hours so make sure to have plenty of rest and water prior to our shoot. 


  • Clothes look much better when they're wrinkle, lint and hair free. Select between 2 and 3 different outfits and get everything ready the night before.

  • Facials and haircuts should be done a few days before the shoot. Make sure to get rid of unwanted hair before our shoot! Bring your hairbrush.

  • Apply natural make up - you want to achieve a natural even skin tone and cover blemishes. Bring powder and make up kit for retouches and keep your lips moisturised. Bring lipbalm.

  • Fingers and toes should be clean and groomed. Make sure your nail color doesn't detract from you and your face as the primary subject. 

  • Hungry kids do not make good photo models! Feed your children before our session. If they get hungry during the shoot, you can give them crackers, nutrition bar, apple,s etc... However, stay away from chocolate or coloured foods that risk colouring lips, tongue, and teeth, and stain clothes. Bring water.



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