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I can also design and print your Baby Birth

Announcement Cards for a small fee.

Baby Photography Session


Newborn are ideally photographed before they turn 10 days old. In the first few days of her life, bubs spends a lot of time sleeping and can more easily be positioned in curly poses. Baby's skin is also much smoother in the first few days. 


Book your newborn session well in advance - I will pencil you in and allocate time for you as soon as you are back home. 


I am very happy to come and visit you at your home in order to get natural photos capturing your baby in their environment - and to make it easy and relaxing for you (no need to fuss about what your house looks like, it is just fine whichever way it is!). It also makes them unique!


Our Baby Photography session is relaxed and will last up to 3 hours, with plenty of time for breastfeeding, cuddles and making sure baby is comfortable.


From sleepy newborn to active toddler, it takes just one year for your baby to undergo this incredible transformation. Babies grow and change at an astounding pace and every month brings new and exciting developments - the first teeth, the big smiles, the happy crawling, sitting up and of course the first steps.


Contact me if you wish to record your baby's first year through quality and timeless photographs; these will be cherished for years to come and by many generations.



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